The Indonesian education system is comprehensive and structured, starting with early childhood education and extending through primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary education. It emphasizes foundational skills, moral and character development, and preparation for higher education or vocational training. The curriculum includes a wide range of subjects, with a significant focus on national identity and cultural values.
Early Childhood Education
PAUD (Early Childhood Education Program)

Ages: 2-6

Basic motor skills, social interaction, introduction to early learning concepts.

Primary Education (Sekolah Dasar - SD)
Grade 1

Ages: 6-7

Basic literacy and numeracy, introduction to subjects like Bahasa Indonesia, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Grade 2

Ages: 7-8

Building on foundational skills, introduction to more structured learning and moral education.

Grade 3

Ages: 8-9

Further development in core subjects, introduction to local culture and history.

Grade 4

Ages: 9-10

Enhanced focus on academic subjects, introduction to basic English.

Grade 5

Ages: 10-11

Consolidation of primary education skills, preparation for junior secondary education.

Grade 6

Ages: 11-12

Completion of primary education, preparation for national final examination (Ujian Sekolah).

Junior Secondary Education (Sekolah Menengah Pertama - SMP)
Grade 7

Ages: 12-13

Transition to junior secondary education, broader range of subjects, including more advanced English.

Grade 8

Ages: 13-14

Continued academic development, emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills.

Grade 9

Ages: 14-15

Preparation for national final examination (Ujian Nasional), decision-making for senior secondary education pathways.

Senior Secondary Education (Sekolah Menengah Atas - SMA)
Grade 10

Ages: 15-16

Adaptation to senior secondary education, choice of stream (science, social science, or vocational subjects).

Grade 11

Ages: 16-17

In-depth study in chosen stream, preparation for university entrance exams or vocational training.

Grade 12

Ages: 17-18

Final year of secondary education, intensive preparation for national final examination (Ujian Nasional) and university entrance.

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