Homeschool conventions are events that bring together homeschooling families, educators, and vendors to provide resources, support, and networking opportunities for those involved in homeschooling. These conventions are typically organized by homeschooling associations, organizations, or companies and are held at various locations across the country. Homeschool conventions offer a wide range of activities, including workshops, seminars, keynote speakers, curriculum exhibits, and social events.

Benefits of Homeschool Conventions

One of the main benefits of attending a homeschool convention is the opportunity to connect with other homeschooling families and educators. These events provide a supportive and encouraging environment where attendees can share ideas, experiences, and resources. Homeschool conventions also offer a wealth of information on homeschooling methods, curriculum options, teaching strategies, and legal requirements.

Another benefit of homeschool conventions is the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars presented by experienced homeschoolers and educators. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including curriculum planning, teaching techniques, special needs education, and homeschooling laws. Attendees can gain valuable insights and practical tips to enhance their homeschooling journey.

Curriculum exhibits are a major highlight of homeschool conventions, where vendors showcase a wide variety of educational materials, resources, and products. Families can browse through curriculum options, speak with vendors, and make informed decisions about the best resources for their homeschooling needs. Many vendors offer special discounts and promotions exclusively for convention attendees.

Types of Homeschool Conventions

There are several types of homeschool conventions catering to different needs and preferences of homeschooling families. Some conventions are general in nature, covering a wide range of topics and resources for homeschoolers of all backgrounds and philosophies. These conventions typically feature a diverse selection of workshops, seminars, and exhibitors.

Specialized homeschool conventions focus on specific areas of homeschooling, such as classical education, unschooling, Charlotte Mason method, or special needs education. These conventions provide in-depth information and resources tailored to the particular educational approach or philosophy. Attendees can connect with like-minded individuals and experts in their chosen homeschooling method.

Regional homeschool conventions are smaller-scale events that cater to homeschoolers in a specific geographic area. These conventions offer a more intimate setting for networking and learning opportunities. Regional conventions may feature local vendors, speakers, and workshops relevant to the needs of homeschooling families in the area.

How to Prepare for a Homeschool Convention

Before attending a homeschool convention, it is essential to plan ahead and make the most of the experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a homeschool convention:

  • Research the convention schedule and workshop topics to identify sessions that align with your interests and needs.
  • Make a list of vendors you want to visit and curriculum materials you are interested in exploring.
  • Set a budget for curriculum purchases and bring cash or credit cards for transactions with vendors.
  • Prepare a list of questions or topics you want to discuss with vendors, speakers, and other attendees.
  • Bring a notebook, pen, and any necessary materials for taking notes during workshops and seminars.
  • Dress comfortably and wear shoes suitable for walking and standing for extended periods.


Homeschool conventions play a vital role in supporting and enriching the homeschooling community by providing valuable resources, information, and networking opportunities. These events offer a wealth of benefits for homeschooling families, including access to curriculum options, educational materials, workshops, and support from like-minded individuals. By attending homeschool conventions, families can enhance their homeschooling journey, gain valuable insights, and connect with a supportive community of educators and vendors.